TIE-40107 Psychology in Human-Technology Interaction, 5 cr


Aino Ahtinen


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TIE-40107 2019-01 1 Aino Ahtinen
-Group assignment including active participation to the tasks, literature review, report writing and presentation
-Individual tasks every week

For all of the partial requirements, half of the maximum points are needed to pass the course.


After taking the course the student understands the basic information about psychology and can make connections between the knowledge from psychology and human-centered design of interactive technology, as well as the possible psychological effects of using technology. The psychological topics include e.g., human information processing and memory, decision making, human needs and values, emotions and motivation, communication and group behaviour. From a technical point of view, the course explores the areas such as smart environments, AI, context awareness and VR from the perspective of human-centered design. The learnings from psychology are also discussed from the perspective of contemporary worklife skills and self-development, and practised in the form of team work, information search, presentations, reflection, interviews, brainstorming etc.


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1. The foundations of psychology for human-centered design purposes. Overview of topics that matter in the design of interactive technology.  Detailed analysis and review of a specific psychological theme that the student may choose from several options.   
2. Characteristics of the human cognition, needs, emotions, motivation, communication and group behaviour.  Interaction skills with different kinds of people. Interviewing skills. Skills to elicit insight (e.g. requirements, needs, values) from people as users of information technology.   
3. Skills to apply basic knowledge of psychology in design with special focus in interactive technology.  Skills of analysis about what psychological aspects need to be considered in specific contexts and with specific types of technology.   


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TIE-40107 Psychology in Human-Technology Interaction, 5 cr TIE-40106 Psychology of Pervasive Computing, 5 cr  

Päivittäjä: Ahtinen Aino, 21.08.2019