FYS-1297 Physics 4, 5 cr


Jouko Nieminen


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FYS-1297 2019-01 4 Jouko Nieminen
The total mark is determined by the pre-class assignments, activity in exercise classes and the final exam.


After passing the course, the student is able to demonstrate an understanding of scientific concepts, definitions, principles, and laws related to the subject area. The student is able to solve problems related to the subject area by: * analysing them graphically. * deriving appropriate equations from relevant definitions and principles, and explaining their applicability to the given situation. * applying university level mathematical techniques. * evaluating results and their reliability. The course includes laboratory experiments. After passing the course, the student is able to: * describe the connection between experiments and the theory presented at the lectures. * give sound qualitative descriptions of natural phenomena and technical applications. * perform guided scientific experiments, and to analyze and report their results and reliability.


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1. Wave motion: interference, elastic waves     
2. Electromagnetic waves: Maxwell¿s equations, electromagnetic radiation, energy, momentum, diffraction, X-ray diffraction     
3. Quantum mechanics: wave nature of particles, Schrödinger equation, eigenfunctions     

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

The total mark is determined based on a final exam, laboratory works, and the student¿s activity in exercise classes. The relative weights of the theory part (exam and exercise classes) and laboratory works are 80% and 20%, respectively. Laboratory reports, written by each pair of students after the experiments, will be graded on a 5 point scale. The reports are required to meet the criteria of scientific reports. Results and the analysis methods used, as well the structure, language, and style of the reports are assessed. Instructions how to achieve the learning outcomes of the laboratory assignments can be found from the Moodle page of the course.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


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FYS-1297 Physics 4, 5 cr FYS-1296 Physics IV, 5 cr  

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