DEE-24137 Distributed Energy Resources in Electricity Networks, 5 cr


Exam and computer simulation assignments. to pass the one final exam (70% of grade) and to complete the course assignments (30% of grade)


Sami Repo, Ville Tuominen


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DEE-24137 2018-01 1 Mehdi Attar
Sami Repo
Exam and computer simulation assignments to pass the one final exam (70% of grade) and to complete the course assignments (30% of grade)


After taken the course student may recognize the most important interconnection principles and technologies of distributed generation (DG) and other distributed energy resources (DERs) like demand side management (DSM). In addition student may explain the main points of network connection technologies from resource and network viewpoints. Student may also analyse and simulate with steady-state simulation tools the connection impacts of distributed energy resources in electric distribution network planning and operation tasks.


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1. Network interconnection of DER: - DG connection - Principles of DSM - DG connection requirements   Network interconnection of DER: - Demand response control methods: price elasticity, dynamic tariffs, direct control - Storage principles   
2. Impacts of DG on fault currents: - DG contribution on fault currents - Impacts on feeder protection - DG unit and loss-of-mains protection - Safety risks   Impacts of DG on fault currents: - Impacts on HV network protection    
3. Impacts of DG on voltage: - Voltage rise effect - DG impact on power quality - Methods for voltage management - Voltage control with DG  Impacts of DG on voltage: - Co-ordination principles of DG and network   
4. Distribution network planning: - Impacts of DG in general - Network long-term planning when utilizing DERs - HV and MV network connection planning principles and methods - DG impact on network reliability - Connection of DG unit to HV and MV network - Statistical load-flow analysis of MV network including DG   Distribution network planning: - Island operation of distribution network   Distribution network planning: - Connection and distribution costs for DG  
5. Impacts of renewable energy sources (RESs) on power system: - Variations of RES - Importance of RES forecasting - Impacts of large scale wind power on power control, electricity trade and balance management  Impacts of renewable energy sources (RESs) on power: - Impacts on spot prices and network congestion    
6. Integration of DER into distribution network management: - Fault management when network has DER - Network congestion management when network has DER - Utilization of demand response in network management - Application of automation and IT in network management in case of DERs  Integration of DER into distribution network management: - Home energy management - Advanced metering infrastructure - Distribution automation - Substation automation - Aggregator (VPP) - SCADA/DMS   Integration of DER into distribution network management: - On-line dynamic line monitoring - Fault current limitation - Impact of electric vehicles in distribution network  

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Exam (70 %) and assignments (30 %)


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


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Book   Integration of distributed generation in the power system   M. Bollen and F. Hassan         Yes   
Lecture slides     Sami Repo         Yes   
Other online content           Topical material about DER interconnection to power system.   Yes   


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DEE-24106 Electric Power Systems Mandatory   2
DEE-23216 Introduction to Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Mandatory    
DEE-24116 Distribution Automation Advisable    

1 . DEE-23010 Sähköverkkotekniikka

2 . DEE-24000 Sähköverkkojen mallintaminen ja analyysi DEE-24010 Sähkövoimajärjestelmän säätö ja käyttö


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