ARK-53806 Sustainable Design Studio, 15 cr


Harry Edelman


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ARK-53806 2018-01 1 - 2 Harry Edelman
Kaisa Härkönen
Tuomo Joensuu
Sustainable Design Studio is an advanced course suitable for 5th year students, dealing with principles and practices of sustainable planning and architectural design.The student will be employed in given design tasks that require the capability of integrating complex design issues at different scale levels. The work will be carried out partly in groups of about 5 students, partly independently. The course comprises lectures, studio meetings and a critic session. The course is compulsory for the degree students enrolled at the International Master's Programme of TUT and due to the limited enrolment a priority will be given for the degree students while the available seats will be filled in the order of signing up.


The course focuses on urban informatics and data driven design in support of designing sustainable and livable cities and spaces. Basic elements of social, technical, and financial sustainability will be discussed and further elaborated in course works. The course will be implemented in collaboration with signals processing course looking at the automated machine learning techniques for audio and video feed. Such tools will be used for collecting data on the use of architectural and urban spaces. The students will study and innovate in multidisciplinary groups different indicators for enhanced sustainability and functionality of cities and spaces. Based on the group work the architectural students will develop a concept and design an individual design project for a selected urban space to improve the different sustainability characters of the place. After the course the students will have understanding on the dimensions of sustainability and they have the capacity to apply them in design work and develop an individual design project. The students will also obtain skills for working in multidisciplinary design teams.


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1. Advanced design skills and integration of sustainability principles in the design process, within the elaboration of a complex design task based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis.  A comprehensive and user-oriented perspective that takes into account various aspects, such as well-being, aesthetics, social impact and environmental control.  Innovative solutions for sustainable architecture. 
2. Enhanced skills in working multidisciplinary and innovative teams.  Initial understanding on the potentials related to the applicability of urban informatics to design.   

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Active participation in the course's activities is highly recommended. Attendance to lectures, studio meetings and critiques is mandatory. The final design project will be evaluated on a 0-5 grading scale. Evaluation criteria take account of: - capacity to work in multidisciplinary groups - analytical skills during the analysis on urban spaces - individual capacity and maturity in project and design development - conceptual solution and innovation skills - architectural expression, quality and performance of designed spaces or urban environment - in-depth interpretation on the factors of sustainability


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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ARK-42006 History of Architecture, Professional Course Mandatory    
ARK-43106 Architectural Design, Professional Course Mandatory    
ARK-43206 Housing Design, Professional Course Mandatory    
ARK-44006 Urban Planning and Design, Professional Course Mandatory    


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ARK-53806 Sustainable Design Studio, 15 cr ARS-6006 Sustainable Design Studio, 15 cr  

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