ARK-53506 Sustainable Renovation and Redevelopment, 5 cr


Maria Pesonen, Markku Karjalainen


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ARK-53506 2018-01 2 Satu Huuhka

Lectures encompass topics related to repair and transformation, such as structural systems and refurbishment and modification needs and methods. Possible visiting lecturers will present latest architecture or case studies. The participation on lectures is monitored and absence will lower the student's grade.


The exercise concerns a real building and it is arranged in collaboration with the landlord. Most of the exercise is carried out through student's independent work. Mandatory teacher tutoring, in which students present their ideas and proposals in pairs, takes place three times during the course.


The aim of the course is to study issues related to either sustainable renovation or transformation of existing built environments and the building stock. Different models for extending the life cycles of buildings are investigated, according to an annually changing theme, ranging from regular maintenance, periodical renovation and refurbishment to large-scale transformation, adaptive reuse and even demolition or deconstruction and reuse of components. Students will learn essential design skills related to demanding renovation, refurbishment and transformation of degenerated buildings. Students will develop a theoretical understanding about the societal contexts of these interventions and their ecological implications.


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1. The aim of the course is to go deep into specific issues within sustainable building renovation of 1970-1980 prefabricated concrete-element blocks and to provide design skills for demanding renovation project or complete transformation process of degenerated apartment blocks. Course deals with the environmental effects of suburban repair from the architectural point of view. Particular attention is also paid to issues concerning energy conservation and energy renovations. It discusses the birth history of suburbs, the ideological background, the planning and design ideas prevalent at the time as well as the theoretical background. It also deals with the permanent values and characteristics of entire suburban areas.      

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Drawing a renovation plan for an apartment building or building block constructed with prefabricated methods and located in suburban area. If needed, student can design his/hers own native project or a given one from Finland. Taking part to an architectural competition concerning suburban repair is also one possibility.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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ARK-53506 Sustainable Renovation and Redevelopment, 5 cr ARS-6406 Sustainable Renovation and Redevelopment, 5 cr  

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