MAT-62506 Linear Systems, 5 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies. Ei toteuteta lukuvuonna 2018-2019.


Lassi Paunonen


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MAT-62506 2018-01 - Lassi Paunonen


The course covers the basic theory of linear, time invariant dynamical systems from the time-domain and frequency-domain point of view. Topics covered include controllability, observability, stabilization, and optimal control. The first half of the course concentrates on control of finite-dimensional systems and the second half on control infinite-dimensional linear systems. The theory is illustrated with examples involving controlled ordinary and partial differential equations, most notably controlled mechanical systems, groups of moving robots, as well as controlled heat, diffusion and vibration processes. Matlab is used to approximate and simulate the control systems.


Opintojakso P/S Selite
MAT-60100 Kompleksimuuttujan funktiot Advisable   1
MAT-60106 Complex Analysis Advisable   1
MAT-60000 Matriisilaskenta Mandatory   2
MAT-60006 Matrix Algebra Mandatory   2
MAT-60206 Mathematical Analysis Advisable    
MAT-61006 Introduction to Functional Analysis Advisable    

1 . MAT-60100 Kompleksimuuttujan funktiot or MAT-60106 Complex Analysis

2 . MAT-60000 Matriisilaskenta or MAT-60006 Matrix Algebra


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MAT-62506 Linear Systems, 5 cr MAT-62507 Mathematical Control Theory, 5 cr  

Päivittäjä: Ikonen Suvi-Päivikki, 13.03.2018