KIE-33006 Written Communication in English, 3 cr

Toteutuskerta KIE-33006 2018-02


Course starts: xx.10.2017. There are limited places. Places will be allocated after sign-up closes and we will prioritise those students whose programme requires participation during this term, or students who require this course in order to be able to graduate.


Periodi 2 - 3
Vastuuhenkilö Adrian Benfield, Anni Karo, Raija Keni, Katie Suominen


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion of course modules within set deadlines.


Tekniikan kandidaattiopiskelijat

Lisätietoja toteutuksesta

This course is for bachelor level students in the 2nd (TTI) or 3rd (other) year of their studies.

Degree students with an Eximia or Laudatur in English from their Matriculation Exam can take a written exam, and if they pass, they don't have to take this course. Please refer to the English Language Exams Moodle site at for more information and a registration form.

The old English Language Exam KIE-3210 corresponds to this course in terms of its key content, and is accepted as equivalent to KIE-33006.


Learning will take place online. However, there is an optional contact lesson offered at the start of the final module (at the mid-way point of the course).

Students need to have access to email and internet throughout.

There is no exam.

It is extremely important that students notify the responsible teacher concerned if they decide to drop out after the sign-up deadline.

Prior to the course starting, students may receive a link to an online survey where they will have to confirm whether they still want a place. If students don't respond to this survey, we will assume that they are no longer interested and remove the sign-up from Rock.

Students will find out whether they have a place or not on the first day of the course.

When a course is over-subscribed, i.e. there are more sign-ups than places on the course, then we enrol the required number of students according to the above target groups, after which we use the sign-up date.