Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management, MSc (Tech)


Head of the Degree Programme: Marko Seppänen, Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen
Faculty Secretary: Sari Pohjankyrö
Study Coordinator: Minna Baggström

Learning Outcomes

- After completing the programme the students will be able to work as professionals in global sales and sourcing networks.

The students are competent with business development in international business-to-business markets.

The students have the ability to grow into professional and management positions in their business field.

The students learn analytical, holistic and conceptual thinking. They learn to gather, classify, interpret and apply information systematically and critically.

The students are capable of solving problems in business development in an innovative manner. They are able to apply the solutions in a goal-oriented and responsible manner.

The students are able to analyze and develop organizations coherently (technology, business, human resources) with an academic approach.

The students are able to interpret problems in industrial management, and communicate them fluently in international working environment both orally and in written form.

The students understand the challenges in business development in multicultural organizations. They learn communication and cooperation skills required in multicultural working environment.

The students learn to participate in societal debate related to industrial management.

After completing the programme the students have the competency for continuous learning and scientific postgraduate studies.


Common Core Studies, 21 cr

Learning Outcomes

- Furthermore, an important part of the common core studies is that the students learn academic, conceptual thinking and scientific research methods.
- The module trains students to international business environment and academic work. In this module the students learn to identify and explain business concepts and terminology in practice.
- The students also learn business communication.

Compulsory courses

Please note that there are two implementations of TTA-11016 Basics of Industrial Management. Choose the implementation for the degree students.

Course Credit points Class
KIE-10016   Suomi-startti 3 cr IV  
TRT-21016   Introduction to Graduate Studies 1 cr IV  
TTA-11017   Basics of Industrial Management 5 cr IV  
TTA-12016   Speech Communication and Negotiation Skills 3 cr IV  
TTA-15066   Business Management Cases 6 cr IV  
TTA-15106   Literature Study in Business and Technology 3 cr IV  
Total 21 cr  

Additional information

This study module is only for the international degree students in Business and Technology / Industrial Engineering and Management.

Major Studies

Study block Credit points
International Sales and Sourcing 30 cr

Minor Studies

Study block Credit points
Introduction to Management Studies 24 cr

Elective Studies, 15 cr

The student can freely select courses which (s)he wants to study. Courses offered by Industrial and Information Management Laboratory; and the course on Business English are highly recommended.
If a student has graduated from a Finnish UAS, some studies (usually minimum mathematics) are defined to complement the competences. In that case the complementary studies are defined case by case, contact the Academic Officer (room FA109) for further information.

Diplomityö, 30 cr

Learning Outcomes

- The programme culminates in a Master's Thesis, which is a large independent scientific assignment. It is written independently by each student. The students gain ability to understand the scientific and professional concepts of the major. With the thesis the students demonstrate that they know how to analyze big entities, use relevant literature, gather appropriate empirical data, write research reports in a creative manner, and deduce relevant conclusions. With the help of the thesis, the students show their capability to understand the big picture. In connection with the thesis, the students have to write a proficiency test, which is an essay written on a topic related to the thesis. The proficiency test demonstrates the students' command of the thesis topic.

Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
OPN-9006   Diplomityö 30 cr V  
TUT-8930   Proficiency Test for Master's Thesis 0 cr V  
Total 30 cr  

Additional information related to the degree

The international degree students in Business and Technology / Industrial Engineering and Management will be provided with personal study plans which are based on the students' backgrounds and previous studies: students with technical background will study the minor Introduction to Management Studies. Students with previous studies in Industrial Management will study a technical minor.

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