Degree Programme in Materials Science and Engineering, MSc (Tech)


Head of the Degree Programme: Petri Vuoristo
Faculty Secretary: Leila Holmström
Study Coordinator: Jenni Lassila

Learning Outcomes

- Studies in the International Master's Degree Programme in Materials Science and Engineering, leading to the degree of Master of Science in Technology, will provide students with:

the competence to apply the knowledge acquired during advanced studies and a scientific approach to topical and concrete tasks

the competence to operate in different expert, development and management positions in working life

the competence to participate in societal debate pertaining to technology

the competence to use English language, communication and cooperation skills in working life and to apply them to scientific activities and societal debate in their field

After achieving the previous mentioned learning outcomes, students will meet the prerequisites for pursuing a PhD / Doctoral degree and continuous learning


Common Core Studies, 18 cr

Learning Outcomes

- To gain adequate language, communication and cooperation skills and readiness to cooperate in a multidisciplinary community.
- To gain an extensive prerequisite knowledge for pursuing subject studies in the field of materials engineering.

Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
KIE-10016   Suomi-startti 3 cr IV  
KIE-34156   Thesis Writing 3 cr V  
MOL-12286   Master's Thesis Seminar 1 cr V  
MOL-32228   Electron Microscopy 5 cr IV  
MOL-32307   Materials Performance 5 cr IV  
TTI-50006   Introduction to Graduate Studies 1 cr IV  
Total 18 cr  

Major Studies

Study block Credit points
Mechanics of Materials 30 cr
Metallic and Ceramic Materials 31 cr
Metallic and Ceramic Materials 50 cr
Polymeric Materials 50 cr
Polymeric Materials 30 cr

Minor Studies

Minor can be freely selected from the TUT modules offered in English.

Elective Studies, 10 cr

A student can freely select the courses which (s)he wants to study.

A student doesn't have to include elective studies in to degree if the extent of the degree meets the minimum requirement of 120 cr without them.

Diplomityö, 30 cr

Learning Outcomes

- To carry out and document independently a study using scientific methods.
- To demonstrate maturity required for a university degree.
- To demonstrate professional skills in the field of the student's major subject.
- To gather systematically knowledge related to the chosen field of specialty, combine different sets of data and analyse information.
- To know how to apply good scientific principles within thesis area.

Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
OPN-9006   Diplomityö 30 cr V  
TUT-8930   Proficiency Test for Master's Thesis 0 cr V  
Total 30 cr  

Completion and reporting of a large independent scientific assignment. Student gains ability to understand the scientific and professional concepts of the major.In connection with the thesis, the student has to write a proficiency test, which is an essay on a topic related to the thesis.

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