Materials Technology, Advanced Studies as Elective Studies, 30 cr

Type of the study module

Advanced Studies


Erkki Levänen, Petri Vuoristo

Learning Outcomes

- S/he will understand the effects of process parameters to the micro and macroscopic structures, technical properties, functionality, and durability in various different applications.
- The student can analyze and evaluate material properties, and to choose the right material solutions for each application.
- The students completing this major will know the processing and manufacturing methods of a broad range of materials.
- The students will be able to apply the newly acquired knowledge in materials research and development, education, and industrial product development tasks.
- The students will obtain a good overall knowledge of the material group that s/he chooses.


Study block Credit points Mandatory/Advisable
Materials Technology, Intermediate Studies as Elective Studies 25 cr Mandatory
Materials Technology, Intermediate Studies as Elective Studies, NS/ENG 20 cr Mandatory


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
MOL-12176 Laboratory Exercises in Materials Science 5 cr IV  
MOL-32307 Materials Performance 5 cr IV  
MOL-32327 Analysis of Materials Performance 5 cr IV  
Total 15 cr  

Complementary Courses

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 30 ETCS

Course Credit points Class
MOL-12206 Materials for Energy Technologies 5 cr V  
MOL-22216 Phase Transformations and Heat Treatments of Metals 5 cr IV  
MOL-22226 Joining Methods for Metals 5 cr IV  
MOL-22306 Metals Technology 5 cr IV  
MOL-32228 Electron Microscopy 5 cr IV  
MOL-42106 Polymeric Materials 5 cr IV  
MOL-42166 Rheology 5 cr IV  
MOL-42196 Adhesion and Surface Modifications 5 cr IV  
MOL-42236 Advanced Composites 5 cr IV  
MOL-42257 Elastomers 5 cr IV  
MOL-42316 Processing of Thermoplastics 5 cr IV  
MOL-52026 Advanced Ceramics 5 cr IV  
MOL-52056 Processing of Advanced Ceramics 5 cr IV  
MOL-53246 Coatings and Surface Treatments 6 cr V  
MOL-53257 Thin Film Technologies 4 cr V  
MOL-72106 Converting and Packaging Processes 5 cr V  
MOL-72136 Packaging Materials 5 cr V  
MOL-81016 Introduction to Tribology 3 cr IV  
MOL-82036 Advanced Tribology 5 cr IV  
MOL-82056 Dimensioning of Machine Elements 5 cr V  
MOL-82076 Machinery Monitoring 5 cr IV  
MOL-82096 Machinery Diagnostics 5 cr IV  
MOL-92236 Special Treatise on Materials Science 1-8 cr V  

Additional information

Only intended as a minor

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