Industrial Internet, minor, 30 cr

Type of the study module

Advanced Studies


Kari Koskinen, Minna Lanz

Learning Outcomes

- Provides students an insight on the industrial internet, its applications in technology industry and its underlying technologies. After completing courses of the module student is able to understand technology and principles related to industrial internet and apply this knowledge in developing new applications of it.


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
MEI-62006 Introduction to Industrial Internet 5 cr IV  
MEI-72007 Industrial Internet Project 7-10 cr IV  
MEI-72056 Seminar on Industrial Internet 5 cr IV  
SGN-43006 Knowledge Mining and Big Data 5 cr IV  
TLO-35256 Data and Information Management 4 cr IV  
TTA-75056 Industrial Service Systems 4 cr IV  
Total 30 cr  

Additional information

Only intended as a minor

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