Fluid Power Automation, 30 cr

Type of the study module

Advanced Studies


Jouni Mattila, Reza Ghabcheloo, Kalevi Huhtala, Seppo Tikkanen

Learning Outcomes

- After completed the study module
- student is familiar with different applications where fluid power is used and has knowledge of the fluid power automation and the control possibilities of it.
- is able to design, model, simulate and control fluid power automation systems
- is able to apply his/her knowledge to stationary and mobile hydraulic components and systems and to electrohydraulic components and systems

After completed the study module student is able to do master thesis.


Study block Credit points Mandatory/Advisable
Automation Engineering 30 cr Advisable
Mechanical and Production Engineering 29 cr Advisable

IHA-1102 Hydrauliikan ja koneautomaation perusteet ( Mandatory )
IHA-2101 Hydraulitekniikka ( Mandatory )
ASE-1130 Automaatio ( Mandatory )


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
IHA-2306 Mobilehydraulics 5 cr IV  
IHA-2506 Electrohydraulic Servo Systems 5 cr IV  
IHA-2609 Modelling of Fluid Power Components 5 cr IV  
IHA-3307 Model-based Real Time Control and Rapid Prototyping 5 cr V  
Total 20 cr  

Complementary Courses

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 30 ETCS

Course Credit points Class
DEE-33036 Electric Drives 5 cr V  
IHA-1701 Hydrauliikan ja koneautomaation mittaukset ja analysointi 5 cr IV  
IHA-2241 Dieselmoottori ja hydridit 5 cr IV  
IHA-2576 Digital Hydraulics 5 cr IV  
IHA-2586 Advanced Course in Digital Hydraulics 6 cr V  
IHA-2706 Modelling and Real Time Simulation in Machine Automation 5 cr IV  
IHA-2807 Project Work in Fluid Power Automation 5-7 cr V  
IHA-4206 Mechatronics and Robot Programming 5 cr V  
MEI-56306 Robotics Project Work 6 cr V  
MEI-71056 Control of Mechatronic Systems 5 cr IV  

Additional information

Fluid power study module gives the advanced knowledge of fluid power and automation and gives readiness to design, model and simulate these systems. The studies introduce student to non-road mobile machine hydraulics and hydraulic servo systems and control of such systems.

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