Bioengineering, 30 cr

Type of the study module

Advanced Studies


Jukka Rintala, Ville Santala

Learning Outcomes

- After completing the Master's degree in Bioengineering the student is able to
- Explain terminology used in the fields of industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology.
- Analyse methodologies used for cellular engineering and evaluate the goals of applying such methods.
- Develop biotechnological solutions based on utilising genetically engineered cells or their components
- Apply biotechnological methods in planning and research.
- Design technically sound industrial processes for bioprocess industry.
- Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of biotechnological processes.
- Able to interpret recent developments in biotechnology in industrial framework.
- Plan and develop biotechnological solutions serving bio and circular economy.


Study block Credit points Mandatory/Advisable Additional information
Bioengineering and Environmental Technology 28 cr Advisable Or other corresponding studies


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Additional information Class
KEB-14006 Tutkimusseminaari 2 cr IV  
KEB-23006 Industrial Bioengineering and Biotechnology 4 cr IV  
KEB-23206 Biocatalysis and Enzymology 3 cr IV  
KEB-23306 Laboratory Course in Bioengineering 5 cr V  
KEB-23757 Trends in Bioengineering 5 cr V  
Total 19 cr    

1. KEB-23757 can be taken twice with different emphasis (see course description).
2. KEB-14006: The seminar can be taken over period of two years. Note that the course contains seminars in other major subjects as well. Select seminars which are related to your studies.

Optional Compulsory Courses

KEB-14006 can be taken during two study years in a row.

Must be selected at least 5 credits of courses

Course Credit points Alternativity Class
KEB-23606 Biogas Technology for Material Flow Management and Energy Production 4 cr 2   IV  
KEB-23758 Molecular and Synthetic Biology I 5 cr 1   IV  
KEB-23766 Molecular and Synthetic Biology II 5 cr 1   IV  
KEB-24306 Remediation of Contaminated Environment 3 cr 2   IV  

1. Select 2 courses. Recommended to Biotechnology students
2. Select 2 courses. Recommended to Environmental and Energy Technology students

Complementary Courses

KEB-26106 can be taken several times with different content. LTT-32006 content should be related to Bioengineering.

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 30 ETCS

Course Credit points Class
KEB-22006 Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering 3 cr IV  
KEB-24606 Resource recovery 5 cr  
KEB-26106 Special Project in Bioengineering 2-8 cr V  
KEB-64116 Bioorganic Chemistry 3 cr  
LTT-32006 Demola Project Work 5-10 cr  

Additional information

Corresponds to previous study modules Ympäristöbiotekniikka (B) and Ympäristöbiotekniikka (Y).

Vastaa entisiä Ympäristöbiotekniikka (B) ja Ympäristöbiotekniikka (Y) opintokokonaisuuksia.

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