Advanced Engineering Physics, 50 cr

Type of the study module

Advanced Studies


Jyrki Mäkelä, Jorma Keskinen

Learning Outcomes

- After completing the study module the student:
- can analyze and assess the contents of scientific publications in physics;
- is able to plan, develop, and execute high level research in physics and can communicate it orally and in writing;
- is able to develop research methods in her/his own area;
- is able to choose appropriate methods to solve specific research questions, taking into account cross-disciplinary approaches;
- is able to act as an expert in her/his discipline for the society at large.


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
FYS-1326 Methods in Physics 5 cr IV  
FYS-1376 Statistical Physics 3 cr IV  
FYS-1556 Physics Seminar 1-2 cr IV  
FYS-1626 Solid-State Physics 3 cr IV  
FYS-1826 Master's Thesis Seminar on Physics 1 cr V  
FYS-2107 Introduction to Surface Science 5 cr IV  
FYS-3106 Aerosol Physics 5 cr IV  
FYS-4096 Computational Physics 5 cr IV  
FYS-5206 Optical Spectroscopy 5 cr IV  
FYS-6306 Quantum Theory of Molecules and Nanostructures 6 cr IV  
FYS-6606 Photonics 5 cr IV  
Total 44 cr  

Optional Compulsory Courses

The module must contain an advanced course of one focus area from the following areas: 1) Aerosol Physics, contact Professor Jyrki Mäkelä; 2) Computational Physics, contact Professor Esa Räsänen 3) Photonics; contact Professor Martti Kauranen;

Must be selected at least 5 credits of courses

Course Credit points Alternativity Class
FYS-3206 Aerosol Measurement Techniques 5 cr 1   V  
FYS-4406 Analytical Mechanics 5 cr 2   V  
FYS-6106 Basic Semiconductor Technology 5 cr 3   V  

1. Select 1 courses. Aerosol Physics
2. Select 1 courses. Computational Physics
3. Select 1 courses. Photonics

Complementary Courses

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 50 ETCS

Course Credit points
FYS-2306 Electron Spectroscopy 5 cr
FYS-3206 Aerosol Measurement Techniques 5 cr
FYS-4406 Analytical Mechanics 5 cr
FYS-5106 Optics II 6 cr
FYS-5416 Laser Physics I 4 cr
FYS-5426 Laser Physics II 4 cr
FYS-5516 Nonlinear Optics I 4 cr
FYS-5526 Nonlinear Optics II 4 cr
FYS-6106 Basic Semiconductor Technology 5 cr

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