Tissue Engineering, intermediate studies as elective studies, 25 cr

Type of the study module

Intermediate Studies


Jonathan Massera, Minna Kellomäki

Learning Outcomes

- The student can follow the development and debate in tissue engineering.
- The student can interpret the societal meaning and development of tissue engineering and its sub-fields.
- The student has got an ability to comprehend cross-disciplinary thinking and scientific working methods.
- The student possesses elementary knowledge on various fields of tissue engineering and a deeper, technically oriented knowledge in one specific sub-field of tissue engineering.
- The student possesses elementary language and communications skills as well as ability to multidisciplinary team working.


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
BMT-61217 Biomedical Engineering Principles 5 cr IV  
BMT-61227 Medical Biomaterials 5 cr IV  
Total 10 cr  

Optional Compulsory Courses

Course Credit points Alternativity Class
BMT-70100 Kudosteknologian perusteet 3 cr 1   IV  
BMT-74106 Tissue Engineering 3 cr 1   IV  

1. Select 1 courses. Select only one of these courses.

Complementary Courses

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 25 ETCS

Course Credit points Additional information Class
BMT-61116 Human Anatomy and Physiology 5 cr IV  
BMT-62100 Viranomaisvaatimukset lääkinnällisten laitteiden suunnittelulle ja valmistukselle 3 cr IV  
BMT-73107 Bioceramics and their Clinical Applications 5 cr IV  
BMT-73206 Biodegradable Polymers 5 cr IV  
BMT-74206 Tissue Engineering Applications 5 cr IV  

1. Select only one of these courses.

Additional information

Tissue engineering studies and develops new and more effective methods for treating tissue and organ failures of patients. The development of this kind of new human spare parts for different tissues and whole organs requires cross-disciplinary integration of knowledge on biomaterials, cell and tissue biology, and medicine. This minor provides basic knowledge on cell biology and tissue engineering technologies and regulations needed in tissue engineering.

Contact person: Jonathan Massera

Only intended as a minor

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