Smart Grids, Intermediate Studies as Elective Studies, 25 cr

Type of the study module

Intermediate Studies


Sami Repo

Learning Outcomes

- After passing the minor the student is able to recognize, manage, and use common scientific and professional concepts of the field in general level.


Compulsory courses

- Recommended year of a course: 3 means the first year at Master level studies and 4 the second year

Course Credit points Class
DEE-23106 Fundamentals of Electrical and Power Engineering 5 cr III  
DEE-23216 Introduction to Smart Grids and Renewable Energy 5 cr III  
Total 10 cr  

Optional Compulsory Courses

Optional courses should be selected so that the content of the whole minor is at least 25 credits. Two alternative sets of courses, power engineering and power electronics, are available. Select at least 15 credits from one set of courses.

Course Credit points Alternativity Class
ASE-1258 Introduction to Control 4-6 cr 2   III  
DEE-24106 Electric Power Systems 5 cr 1   III  
DEE-24116 Distribution Automation 5 cr 1   III  
DEE-24137 Distributed Energy Resources in Electricity Networks 5 cr 1   IV  
DEE-33036 Electric Drives 5 cr 2   III  
DEE-33106 Switched-Mode Converters 5 cr 2   III  
DEE-33116 Power Electronics Converters 5 cr 2   III  
DEE-53117 Solar Power Systems 5 cr 1   IV  
DEE-54107 Wind Power Systems 5 cr 1   IV  

1. Select 15 credits. Power engineering
2. Select 15 credits. Power electronics

Additional information

Only intended as a minor

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