Minor in Biomeasurements, 25 cr

Type of the study module

Intermediate Studies


Pasi Kallio, Antti Vehkaoja

Learning Outcomes

- After completing this study module the student is able to operate as an expert in the phenomena and problems concerning biomeasurement technology.
- The student has sufficient communication and co-operation skills.
- The student is able to apply scientific knowledge and scientific methods.
- The student will attain eligibility for working assignments in the field of design and development of measurement systems and biosensor products.


The student should have previous knowledge from the field of Measurement and information technology or Biotechnology or Automation technology or Biomedical engineering or Electronics. ( Advisable )


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
BMT-2316 Introduction to Microsystem Technology 5 cr III  
BMT-3036 Microsensors 5 cr IV  
BMT-3076 Microfluidics 5 cr IV  
Total 15 cr  

Complementary Courses

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 25 ETCS

Course Credit points Class
ASE-1258 Introduction to Control 4-6 cr IV  
BMT-3016 Microactuators and Active Actuator Materials 5 cr V  
BMT-3056 Design of Microsensors 5 cr V  
BMT-51016 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology 5 cr IV  
BMT-61217 Biomedical Engineering Principles 5 cr IV  
BMT-7816 Biosensors 5 cr V  
BMT-84006 Project Work in Biomedical Engineering 2-8 cr IV  

Additional information

Contact person: Antti Vehkaoja

Only intended as a minor

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