Mechanics of Materials, Intermediate Studies as Elective Studies, 24 cr

Type of the study module

Intermediate Studies


Juha Nykänen, Mikko Hokka, Veli-Tapani Kuokkala

Learning Outcomes

- The students completing this module will have strong knowledge in materials engineering. After completing the module, students will have a deep understanding of plastic and elastic behavior of materials, and their numerical and constitutive modeling. The students can work in several industrial and academic positions requiring understanding of mechanical engineering and engineering of materials.


Recommended as a minor for any major in materials science ( Advisable )


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points Class
YHTES-10016 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials III 6 cr IV  
YHTES-10026 Mechanical Behaviour of Materials IV 6 cr IV  
YHTES-10036 Numerical Simulation 6 cr IV  
Total 18 cr  

Optional Compulsory Courses

Must be selected at least 6 credits of courses

Course Credit points Class
MOL-92236 Special Treatise on Materials Science 1-8 cr IV  
YHTES-10056 Recycling of Materials 6 cr IV  
YHTES-10066 Composite Materials 6 cr IV  
YHTES-10076 Properties of Materials II 6 cr IV  
YHTES-10086 Research Credits 1-10 cr IV  

Additional information

This module consists of studies performed at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) during one academic year. There are no classes at TUT. To apply for these studies you need to apply for exchange student scholarship and explain in the application what module you are planning to study. Ask for more information from the persons responsible for the module.

Only intended as a minor

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