TTA-15066 Business Management Cases, 6 cr

Additional information

Business Management Cases course TTA-15066 of 6 credits is composed of introductory lectures, case sessions and other activities. More information about the implementation of the course will be given in the opening lecture.

The number of students attending the course is strictly limited. The selection criteria of the students:
1. Students of International Master's Programme in Business and Technology
2. Finnish Master's students of Industrial Engineering and Management
3. International Master's and PhD students from other programmes
4. International exchange students of the Faculty of Business and Technology Management

Person responsible

Teemu Laine


Implementation Period Person responsible Requirements
TTA-15066 2018-01 1 - 2 Teemu Laine
Tommi Mahlamäki
Khadijeh Momeni
Santeri Repo
Students are expected to attend all classes and to produce acceptable case reports and the final report. More detailed requirements will be published before first lecture.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, we hope that students are able to - analyze and solve real life problems in business management - justify their own view points - present teamwork and presentation skills Students work in different small groups throughout the course. In these groups, members should - share their experiences and - provide support, advice, and feedback to each other.


Content Core content Complementary knowledge Specialist knowledge
1. Problem solving     
2. Argumentation and presentation skills     
3. Teamwork skills     

Instructions for students on how to achieve the learning outcomes

Grade (1-5) will be based on case assignments and the final report. THE EMPHASIS OF THE ASSESSMENT will be on student's performance during the case sessions.

Assessment scale:

Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)

Partial passing:

Completion parts must belong to the same implementation

Study material

Type Name Author ISBN URL Additional information Examination material
Other online content   A Guide to Academic Writing   Seppänen, Pajarre & Hannula         No   

Additional information about prerequisites
The students who wish to apply for the course will take a pretest to show their background knowledge in different fields of business management. Further information will be given at the opening lecture. PREREQUISITES for international exchange students: You should have completed courses in most of the following areas: Accounting, Strategic Management, Economics, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Marketing Management, Production Management or Operations Management, Technology Management or Quality Management, and Supply Chain Management, or in equivalent topics.

Correspondence of content

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TTA-15066 Business Management Cases, 6 cr TTA-15060 Business Management Cases, 6 cr  
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