MOL-42106 Polymeric Materials, 5 cr

Person responsible

Ilari Jönkkäri, Johanna Lahti, Sanna Siljander


Implementation Period Person responsible Requirements
MOL-42106 2018-01 1 - 2 Ilari Jönkkäri
Johanna Lahti

Learning Outcomes

After finishing the course, the student knows and is able to define the most important thermoplastic, thermosetting and natural polymers and elastomers as well as their structure, properties and applications (product examples). Student can explain how the polymeric materials can be modified to reach desired properties. In addition the student knows how the polymeric materials may be recycled and re-used.


Content Core content Complementary knowledge Specialist knowledge
1. Structures, properties and applications of polymeric materials  Examples of products and processing methods  Biopolymers 
2. Copolymerization, blending and additives     
3. Testing methods of polymeric materials     
4. Recycling and re-use  Biodegradation, compostability   


Course Mandatory/Advisable Description
MOL-11240 Polymeerifysiikka Advisable    
MOL-12230 Polymeeripohjaisten materiaalien valmistusmenetelmät Advisable    

Correspondence of content

There is no equivalence with any other courses

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