TIE-41506 User Experience in Robotics, 5 cr

Additional information

Suitable for postgraduate studies.

Person responsible

Kirsikka Kaipainen, Aino Ahtinen, Kaisa Väänänen


Implementation Period Person responsible Requirements
TIE-41506 2018-01 4 Aino Ahtinen
Kirsikka Kaipainen

Learning Outcomes

After passing this course, the student: - Is familiar with current research in the field of robotics and HRI - Can identify the important aspects of user experience in human-robot interaction (HRI) - Can apply this knowledge in robotics design - Can write a scientific report of their own design work

Instructions for students on how to achieve the learning outcomes

Pre-tasks and active participation in exercise sessions. Seminar presentations at the end of the course. Written report on the group assignment. Literature review related to the assignment topic (2-3 scientific articles).

Assessment scale:

Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)

Study material

Type Name Author ISBN URL Additional information Examination material
Lecture slides             No   
Other literature             No   


Course Mandatory/Advisable Description
TIE-04101 Käyttäjäkokemuksen perusteet Mandatory   1
TIE-04107 Basic Course on User Experience Mandatory   1
TIE-40106 Psychology of Pervasive Computing Advisable    

1 . One of these

Correspondence of content

There is no equivalence with any other courses

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