ELT-53608 Network Analysis and Dimensioning, 5 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies.


Dmitri Moltchanov, Mikko Valkama, Evgeny Kucheryavy


Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
ELT-53608 2018-01 1 - 2 Evgeny Kucheryavy
Dmitri Moltchanov
- attendance of lectures;
- attendance of exercises;
- sucessful completion of homeworks;
- successful pass of exam.


- sketching theories network analysis is based upon; - understand basic notions and relations of queuing theory; - understand basic principles of modern network simulators; - understand basic techniques and the need for traffic measurements and modeling; - get basic view of useful math techniques.


Sisältö Ydinsisältö Täydentävä tietämys Erityistietämys
1. Introduction to network analysis: Reminder of probability theory Reminder of stochastic processes Reminder of statistics Reminder of special math techniques     
2. Queuing theory: - Arrival and service processes - Little result - Queuing systems of M/M/m/-/- type - M/G/1 and G/M/1 queues     
3. Network simulation: - basics of network simulations - discrete event simulations; - generating random numbers; - data collection methods; - variance reduction techniques     
4. Traffic modeling: - the need for traffic modeling; - points and level of interest; - Internet traffic properties and changes; - Models and algorithms     
5. Special techniques: - traffic marix and network optimization; - inverse tasks in network analysis.     

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Course is evaluated based on the following: Examination Exersises Homeworks


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Queuing systems   Kleinrock L.       available in the TUT library   Yes   
Book     H. Perros       Excellent introduction to simulations of computer networks.   No   
Other literature   Queuing theory page   Myron Hlinka       A plenty of useful information that is freely available.   No   


Opintojakso P/S Selite
ELT-51108 Computer Networking I Mandatory    


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ELT-53608 Network Analysis and Dimensioning, 5 cr ELT-53607 Network Analysis and Dimensioning, 6 cr  

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