TIE-41306 User Experience: Design and Evaluation, 5 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies.


Kirsikka Kaipainen, Kaisa Väänänen


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TIE-41306 2018-01 2 - 3 Kirsikka Kaipainen
Individual demonstration of learning and skills (electronic EXAM), and group assignment (report and presentation).


Design and evaluation of user experience takes into account all the different aspects, which have an effect on human usage of product and services. After passing the course the student can define, what the user experience of products and services means, and which kind of factors contribute to user experience of products and services. The student is also familiar with the common approaches used in user experience design, evaluation, and research, and can choose and apply those methods in practice and report the work.


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1. User experience models and components.      
2. Experience-driven design approach and determining experience goals.     
3. User experience evaluation methods and applying them in practice.     

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The course is graded based on individual work (exam) and the group assignment project.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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Lecture slides             Yes   
Other literature             Yes   
Other online content             Yes   


Opintojakso P/S Selite
TIE-04101 Käyttäjäkokemuksen perusteet Mandatory   1
TIE-04107 Basic Course on User Experience Mandatory   2
TIE-40106 Psychology of Pervasive Computing Advisable    
TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development Advisable    
YHTTAY-40020 Usability Evaluation Methods Mandatory    

1 . TIE-04107

2 . TIE-04101

Tietoa esitietovaatimuksista
This is an advanced course requiring good prior knowledge of UX/HCD concepts and methods and their application in practice. A student should have taken the course "TIE-04100 Käyttäjäkokemuksen perusteet" or equivalent course in English prior to this course as well as "YHTTAY-40020 Usability Evaluation Methods". "TIEVA36 Principles of usability, user experience and user interfaces" is required as completed prerequisite for the course in case TIE-04100 or equivalent course has not been completed by the student. A Master's level or postgraduate student who has taken a Bachelor's degree elsewhere should have an understanding of basic concepts and methods of usability, user experience, and human centered design before entering the course. Student can plan and conduct a simple task analysis and a user study (interviews, observations, questionnaires). Student can conduct a small scale usability test in a laboratory and in the field.


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TIE-41306 User Experience: Design and Evaluation, 5 cr IHTE-3250 User Experience: Evaluation and Design, 4 cr  
TIE-41306 User Experience: Design and Evaluation, 5 cr IHTE-3256 User Experience: Evaluation and Design, 4 cr  

Päivittäjä: Kaipainen Kirsikka, 16.10.2018