International Sales and Sourcing, 30 op

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Advanced Studies


Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinen


- After completing the study block the students are able to apply global sales and sourcing strategies, concepts and management tools.
- The students learn how to apply various management concepts in business development, operation management and in business to business practices.
- The students learn how to operate especially in technical sales and sourcing practices in global business environment.


Pakolliset opintojaksot

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
TLO-25467 Logistics Management and Strategies 3 op IV  
TTA-15076 Managing Operative Sales and Sourcing in Global B2B Markets 4 op IV  
TTA-15086 Managerial Finance for Sales and Sourcing 4 op IV  
TTA-15186 Business Development in Sales and Sourcing 5 op IV  
TTA-65076 Turning Technology into Business: Commercialization and Business Model Development 5 op IV  
Yhteensä 21 op  

Täydentävät opintojaksot

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 30 ETCS

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
TLO-35076 Knowledge Networks and Value Creation 4 op IV  
TLO-35236 Information Security Management 4 op IV  
TLO-35246 Software Business 4 op IV  
TLO-35256 Data and Information Management 4 op IV  
TRT-25006 Demola Project Work 5 op IV  
TTA-15156 Changing Subject Course of Industrial Management 2-6 op IV  
TTA-65026 Technology Strategy 4 op IV  
TTA-75036 Management of Project Business 4 op IV  
TTA-75056 Industrial Service Systems 4 op IV  
TTA-75066 Project Business and Networks 4 op IV  


This study module is only for the degree students in Industrial Engineering and Management. This study module is one of the Major options for the Finnish degree students in Industrial Engineering and Management; and this is the Major for the international degree students in Industrial Engineering and Management.
The Major is conducted entirely in English.

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