MAT-72006 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures, 7 cr


Suitable for postgraduate studies.


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Toteutuskerta Periodi Vastuuhenkilö Suoritusvaatimukset
MAT-72006 2017-01 1 - 2 Tapio Elomaa
Lectures, weekly exercises, examination


After completion of the course the student is familiar with advanced algorithms and data structures. S/he understands how they work, what are their efficiency differences, and the purpose that these techniques serve on applications. General design principles of algorithms and their general analysis techniques have become familiar.


Sisältö Ydinsisältö Täydentävä tietämys Erityistietämys
1. Algorithm Analysis     
2. Sorting and Order Statistics     
3. Data Structures  Augmenting data structures   
4. Advanced Design and Analysis Techniques  Dynamic programming, greedy algorithms, amortized analysis   
5. Advanced Data Structures  Fibonacci heaps   
6. Selected Topics  Matrix operations, linear programming, number theoretic algorithms, approximation algorithms  Deterministic primality testing 

Ohjeita opiskelijalle osaamisen tasojen saavuttamiseksi

The assessment is based on an exam and different exercises done throughout the course. Diligent exercise solving is the best way to achieve the learning outcomes.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Introduction to Algorithms   Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest, Stein         No   


Opintojakso P/S Selite
MAT-02650 Algoritmimatematiikka Mandatory   1
MAT-02656 Mathematics for Algorithms Mandatory   1
TIE-02200 Ohjelmoinnin peruskurssi Mandatory   2
TIE-02206 Basic Course on Programming Mandatory   2

1 . This or an equivalent course.

2 . This or an equivalent course.


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