Bioengineering, 30 op

Opintokokonaisuuden tyyppi

Advanced Studies


Jukka Rintala, Matti Karp


- The student achieves a good knowledge of different aspects of biotechnology and bioengineering.
- The student achieves the readiness to work as an expert in the fields of research, development, teaching or leadership for the economic life or for the public sector.
- The student has readiness to participate in the national and international multidisciplinary discussions and cooperations in the fields of biotechnology and bioengineering.
- The student is capable of undertaking post-graduate studies in bioengineering.
- The student understands the importance of biodiversity and is able to exploit it in a sustainable way in genetic level as well as in broader environmental application level.


Opintokokonaisuus Opintopisteet P/S Lisätiedot
Bio- ja ympäristötekniikka 27 op Advisable Or other corresponding studies


Pakolliset opintojaksot

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
KEB-23006 Industrial Bioengineering and Biotechnology 4 op IV  
KEB-23206 Biocatalysis and Enzymology 3 op IV  
KEB-23306 Laboratory Course in Bioengineering 5 op V  
KEB-23756 Trends in Bioengineering 4 op V  
Yhteensä 16 op  

Pakolliset vaihtoehtoiset opintojaksot

KEB-14006 can be taken during two study years in a row.

Must be selected at least 5 credits of courses

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vaihtoehtoisuus Vuosikurssi
KEB-14006 Research Seminar 2 op 2   IV  
KEB-23106 Industrial Microbiology 3 op 1   IV  
KEB-23606 Biogas Technology for Material Flow Management and Energy Production 4 op 2   IV  
KEB-23746 Molecular and Synthetic Biology 8 op 1   IV  
KEB-24306 Remediation of Contaminated Environment 3 op 2   IV  

1. Valittava 2 opintojaksoa. Recommended to Biotechnology students
2. Valittava 3 opintojaksoa. Recommended to Environmental and Energy Technology students

Täydentävät opintojaksot

KEB-26106 can be taken several times with different content. LTT-32006 content should be related to Bioengineering.

Should be completed to the minimum study module extent of 30 ETCS

Opintojakso Opintopisteet Vuosikurssi
KEB-22006 Biological Processes in Environmental Engineering 3 op IV  
KEB-26106 Special Project in Bioengineering 2-8 op V  
LTT-32006 Demola Project Work 5-10 op  


Corresponds to previous study modules Ympäristöbiotekniikka (B) and Ympäristöbiotekniikka (Y).

Vastaa entisiä Ympäristöbiotekniikka (B) ja Ympäristöbiotekniikka (Y) opintokokonaisuuksia.

Päivittäjä: Pulkkinen Johanna, 07.03.2017