TLO-11046 Supply Chain Management, 4 cr


The new course replaces two former courses, TLO-11040 Toimitusketjun hallinta ja globaalit kuljetukset & TLO-25456 Supply Chain Management.

If you are a TIJO or TUTA student and you intend to take English as the obligatory foreign language for your Bachelor¿s programme, then you also need to sign up for the course KIE-32026 Spoken Communication in English. The course is integrated with Supply Chain Management and will run at the same time. If you have any questions regarding this matter, then please contact the teacher responsible, Sarina Lewis at


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TLO-11046 2016-01 3 - 4 Erika Kallionpää
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Passing the exam based on the course book and the lectures, accomplishing and meeting the requirements of the case assignment


On completion of this course, the student recognises the principles of modern supply chains and supply networks and their importance to companies' business operations and competitiveness. The student can explain and describe in English the basic concepts of a supply chain and the theory and methods of managing supply chains.


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1. The basic concepts and theoretical background related to supply chain management. Discussing supply chains and inter-organisational relationships from a theoretical perspective, including a framework for supply chain information systems to support the aforementioned.     
2. The processes of a supply chain with the aim of creating value throughout. Production and distribution issues, managing innovation and procurement, the role of different transport and logistics services, also reverse logistics with emphasis on the sustainability of a supply chain.     
3. The managerial issues of supply chain management. Strategic decision-making in developing the competitiveness and economic efficiency of supply chains. Managing the complex global supply chain.     


Tyyppi Nimi Tekijä ISBN URL Lisätiedot Tenttimateriaali
Book   Managing the Global Supply Chain (2007)   Skjøtt-Larsen, Tage, Schary, Philip B., Mikkola, Juliana H.   978-8-76-309978-3     Available as an eBook at in TUT network   Yes   


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TLO-11046 Supply Chain Management, 4 cr TLO-25456 Supply Chain Management, 4 cr  
TLO-11046 Supply Chain Management, 4 cr TLO-11040 Supply Chain Management and Global Freight Transport, 4 cr  

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