ARK-54208 Digital Design in Urban Environments, 3-5 cr


Panu Lehtovuori


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ARK-54208 2016-01 2 Panu Lehtovuori
Lisa Voigtländer
The students will be employed in an urban-scale studio project that will be carried out as a group work. The project can also be completed as the methodological part of the student’s own diploma work or in combination to other larger courses.


After finishing this course the student will be able to build parametric models of urban environment and critically test different sustainability parameters appropriate in different kind of urban planning and design situations. The student will know how to connect geometric elements with external design and environmental parameters in databases.

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The assigned project will be evaluated on a 0-5 grading scale; attendance to lectures and studio groups will affect the final evaluation.


Numerical evaluation scale (0-5)


Completion parts must belong to the same implementation


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ARK-54208 Digital Design in Urban Environments, 3-5 cr ARK-54207 Digital Design in Sustainable Urbanism, 3-5 cr  

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