New publication: Measuring Performance of a Service System – from organizations to customer-perceived performance

This paper investigates the implications of the networked and open nature of the service business on performance measurement. The literature has acknowledged that the value of service is increasingly produced by service systems but solutions for measuring the performance of a service system are still lacking. The paper constructs a conceptual framework for capturing performance […]

New publication: Measurement challenges of knowledge-intensive organizations

The purpose of this paper is to identify practical ways to overcome the specific performance measurement challenges of knowledge-intensive organizations. By reviewing performance measurement, service management and human resources management literature the paper recognizes two aspects that are crucial for the success of knowledge-intensive organizations: the performance and well-being of individual knowledge workers and the […]

New publication on measurement in service operations

Novi researchers as co-authors in a newly published reserach article. The paper applies a fresh approach to performance measurement in services and constructs a framework that acts as a foundation for further research in a three-year research project on ‘Innovative service metrics’. The paper is investigates the contingency factors affecting performance measurement in the service […]