New publication: What is the Role of Knowledge Management in Establishing the Effectiveness of Public Welfare Services?

Because of the increasing cooperation of actors in public service systems, the evaluation of service outcomes involves a complex set of information sources and processes. Organization-specific evaluation practices yield only a partial picture of the effectiveness of services. To address this issue, the paper studies the information processes in the context of Finnish social services […]

New publication: A managerial view of the knowledge flows of a health-care system

A health system has various knowledge structures enabling its knowledge resources to be efficiently applied. The literature has covered the management of clinical health information fairly extensively, but less is known about managerial knowledge flows. To address this knowledge gap, a regional health system in Finland is studied and managerial knowledge flows categorized in order […]

Dr. Harri Laihonen studied knowledge structures of a health ecosystem

Dr. Harri Laihonen constructs a health ecosystem framework and studies its applicability in analyzing knowledge structures of a Finnish regional health system (Health Care District of Forssa, FSTKY) in his recent article published in Journal of Health Organization and Management Laihonen hypothesizes that modern health systems are transforming towards what has been called a health […]