Supporting innovation in industrial companies through social technologies

NODE INDEMP seminar on “Supporting innovation in industrial companies through  social technologies” held March 5, 2015, 9.00 – 12.30. Background and objective NODE and UiA are currently working on an international research project called Intelligent Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Platform (INDEMP), funded by Innovation Norway through the BSR Innovation Express program. The project focuses on […]

New publication: Social media utilization in business-to-business relationships of technology industry firms

Even today, it is a fairly common argument in business-to-business companies, especially in traditional industrial companies, that social media is only useful in the business-to-consumer sector. The perceived challenges, opportunities and social media use cases in business-to-business sector have received little attention in the literature. Therefore, this paper focuses on bridging this gap with a […]

New publication: Social media roles in crowdsourcing innovation tasks in B2B-relationships

Social media and crowdsourcing are increasingly important means of involving different actors from outside the company borders, as well as their expertise, knowledge and other resources in the development of new innovations. Research on the use of social media in innovation of B2B companies has been carried out only quite recently, and is yet little […]

New publication: Innovation-related benefits of social media in Business-to-Business customer relationships

The aim of this research is to explore social media and its benefits and impacts especially from Business–to–Business (B2B) innovation and customer interface perspective, and to create a more comprehensive picture of the possibilities of the social media for the B2B sector. The B2B context is in many ways a very different environment for social […]