ENACT – ERP Development Networks in Action – is a four year (2012-2016) Enterprise Research Planning research project funded by Academy of Finland and executed by a consortium including Aalto University, Lappeenranta University of Technology, and Tampere University of Technology.

The project identifies existing actors and practices in the ERP development network. It produces a theoretical model of communication and interaction practices in ERP development networks and a model of requirement and quality information flows, including quality metrics in selected ERP development networks. An improved theoretical understanding of the complex ERP systems development networks and integrated and scientifically evaluated tools and methods for ERP development increases competence to ERP implementers through project result dissemination.

ERP development is studied empirically in several case settings. The objectives include:

  • Building an empirically grounded theoretical model to support ERP development in the network.
  • Identification of important quality factors in ERP projects and development of metrics based on these factors
  • Active deployment of new development methods, practices and measures, instructed by the built theoretical model and applied by different actors, including but not limited to ERP core developers, ERP consultants, and local ERP administrators.

Examples of research questions include:

  • What are the main actors in the ERP development environment? What are their roles, processes, practices, and expectations from the other parties?
  • What kind of communication mechanisms and practices exist in the ERP development environment?
  • How are different types of information considered by other actors?
  • How the consultants and the developers consider user driven use-innovations (e.g. new ways of using the system, overcoming problems, requirements for new features) from different parts of the network?

TUT researchers

Prof. Samuli Pekkola (samuli.pekkola@tut.fi)

Researcher Aki Alanne

Researcher Taru Salmimaa