Ecosystems consist of a heterogeneous and continuously evolving set of individuals and firms that are aligned and interconnected through a complex system of relationships in order for a value proposition to materialize and value capturing to take place. However, there is very little understanding on how ecosystems emerge, evolve and transform and further, no well-established methodology exists to study the dynamic phenomena of ecosystem evolution. More advanced ways to understand and study dynamics are needed both in emerging and stabilized ecosystems. Further, as ecosystems stand to create value, the performance indicators to measure the created value and related spillover effects are very limited.

This project will produce explanatory and foresight models with the novel, synergistic combination of state-of-the-art modeling, simulation and network visualization approaches to reveal the systemic paths through which ecosystems have and will evolve. In addition, based on the previously mentioned combination of methodological approaches, this project will develop performance measures to enhance the understanding on the outcomes of ecosystems and related, emerging means to involve actors (i.e., professional business-to-business sector crowdsourcing and professional social media-based communities).

The project will help Finnish companies to better understand the structure and dynamics of the ecosystems they are participating in, to evaluate their position in the particular ecosystem and via ecosystem-level measurement of performance and value created, to evaluate what individual actors in an ecosystem stand to appropriate. Furthermore, the project will provide valuable information for the Finnish innovation system what comes to the societal impact of ecosystems in general and of particular actors in different roles.

TUT Department of Information Management and Logistics / NOVI contact persons: Prof. Hannu Kärkkäinen, Postdoctoral Researcher Harri Laihonen, Project Manager Jari Jussila

TUT Department of Mathematics / IISLab contact persons: Prof. Seppo Pohjolainen, Researcher Jukka Huhtamäki

Research Partners:

LUT School of Business / Department of Management and International Business, contact persons: Post Doctoral Researcher Kati Järvi, Professor Liisa-Maija Sainio. Contact details

LUT School of Industrial Engineering and Management , contact persons: Post Doctoral Researcher Samuli Kortelainen, Professor Ville Ojanen. Contact details


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ISPIM Conference 2014 – Kati Järvi: Analysing Business Ecosystems

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