New publication: Knowledge management practices in healthcare services

This new publication develops understanding about the role of information and knowledge in healthcare processes and thereby creates a basis for practices that would better support the actual service provision. The paper models and analyzes the service processes of two case settings: laboratory and radiology units of a Finnish regional healthcare system.

The paper approaches health information management from the viewpoint of knowledge management discourse and highlights the importance of knowledge-based value creation. Instead of mere information transfer or delivery the paper emphasizes the knowledge-in-use perspective. Myllärniemi et al. seeks answers to the following reserach quesitons in healthcare context:

1) What kind of challenges and problems are related to the existing knowledge practices
and processes?, and
2) How could the existing knowledge processes and practices be developed in order to
support service provision better?

The paper exemplifies an approach that provides a systematic basis for analyzing different aspects of knowledge management in healthcare processes. The approach provides valuable insights for analyzing knowledge-based foundations of health services and it is expected that this analysis helps elaborate the practical knowledge processes of healthcare organizations.

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