Dr. Harri Laihonen studied knowledge structures of a health ecosystem

Dr. Harri Laihonen constructs a health ecosystem framework and studies its applicability in analyzing knowledge structures of a Finnish regional health system (Health Care District of Forssa, FSTKY) in his recent article published in Journal of Health Organization and Management

Laihonen hypothesizes that modern health systems are transforming towards what has been called a health ecosystem in complexity-based health care literature. It has been argued that complexity arises from the interconnectedness, which in this paper is equated with knowledge flows between actors. The paper seeks to discuss the possible implications of a health ecosystem approach to health system management.

The practical illustration of the health ecosystem provides a reminder that health care systems are dynamic and largely based on interaction between different actors. The approach provides new strategic insights for the development of health care systems by concentrating on interrelationships and knowledge flows.

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