Professor Craig S. Fleisher visited in Tampere University of Technology

Doctor Craig Fleisher, who we all know as a famous scientist and expert at the field business and competitive intelligence, participated a doctoral workshop at TUT on Friday March 16th. With Professor Mika Hannula, dean of faculty of Business and Technology Management, and Doctor Nina Helander, assistant professor at the department of business information management and logistics, Dr. Fleisher guided doctoral students who are doing their dissertation work on the knowledge management field (i.e. knowledge security, business intelligence, social media adoption).

Dr. Fleisher provided the students with valuable comments on the methodological as well as theoretical choices of their work. The discussions in the workshop emphasized that a doctoral candidate needs to know who they want to target their research results to. This target group will help the candidate on choosing the theory that the dissertation will contribute to as well as the methodology on how the research will be conducted. Although the participants of the seminar were in different stages of their studies, all received one key feedback: narrow the scope of the dissertation. At the end of the seminar day Dr. Fleisher shared his knowledge on the American system of doctoral studies. The differences and similarities between the Finnish and American doctoral programs were discussed.

More informaiton about the visit: jussi.myllarniemi(at)