New publication: A managerial view of the knowledge flows of a health-care system

A health system has various knowledge structures enabling its knowledge resources to be efficiently applied. The literature has covered the management of clinical health information fairly extensively, but less is known about managerial knowledge flows. To address this knowledge gap, a regional health system in Finland is studied and managerial knowledge flows categorized in order to provide a better understanding of the inter-organizational knowledge networks of a health system. The paper contributes by illustrating and concretizing the knowledge dynamics of a health system. The empirical examination reveals the complexity of managerial knowledge flows and identifies three main categories of these: (1) national information steering, (2) regional information steering, and (3) internal control information. These categories are further elaborated with the data gathered through observation, interviews, and process modelling. A better nderstanding and management of knowledge flows is expected to have a positive effect on the performance of the health system.

Laihonen, H. (2014) “A Managerial View of the Knowledge Flows of a Health Care System”, Knowledge Management Research & Practice advance online publication 17 March 2014; doi: 10.1057/kmrp.2014.3

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