New publication: Knowledge that Matters: Identifying Regional Knowledge Assets of Tampere Region

The existing literature considers knowledge as one of the key drivers of regional development. The idiosyncratic nature of regional knowledge is also acknowledged: each region possesses its unique knowledge assets which serve as the basis of value creation. However, what is currently not well-known is how the region-specific knowledge assets can be identified, for example, in order to manage and develop them. Thus this paper aims first to explore how the relevant knowledge assets can be identified for a given region, and, second, to describe what the context-specific knowledge assets are. These objectives are pursued using a qualitative case approach. As a case region, this study focuses on Tampere Region in Finland. The study makes a contribution by providing new insight regarding the contextual identification of regional knowledge assets and by illustrating the key knowledge assets of the case region. These insights are considered valuable for regional actors responsible for carrying out similar initiatives in their respective regions.

Lönnqvist, A., Käpylä, J., Salonius, H., Yigitcanlar, T. (2013), “Knowledge that Matters: Identifying Regional Knowledge Assets of Tampere Region”, European Planning Studies.