Article award for Novi researchers

Prof. Antti Lönnqvist and Dr. Harri Laihonen received the 2013 Highly Commended Award by Emerald (International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management) on their paper on system-level productivity analysis of welfare services.

The paper examines productivity at the level of a welfare service system. This approach aims at optimizing the performance of the whole system and to avoid sub-optimizing the production of individual services or organizations. The paper also aims to develop a definition for the concept of welfare service system productivity and demonstrate its applicability. The article is a result of a two-year research project studying the management of the value network of social services in the City of Helsinki, Finland.

Lönnqvist, A. & Laihonen, H. (2012). “Welfare service system productivity: the concept and its application”, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 61(2), 128 – 141.