New publication: Social media roles in crowdsourcing innovation tasks in B2B-relationships

Social media and crowdsourcing are increasingly important means of involving different actors from outside the company borders, as well as their expertise, knowledge and other resources in the development of new innovations. Research on the use of social media in innovation of B2B companies has been carried out only quite recently, and is yet little understood. The goal of this exploratory study is to understand the significance and the various roles and functions of social media in crowdsourcing, especially in crowdsourcing innovation- related tasks in B2B relationships. A three-phase netnographic approach, including literature review, participant observation and case analysis, was used to identify crowdsourcing platforms that have been utilized in B2B context, as well as concrete company cases targeted for B2B innovation development, and to develop understanding on what was crowdsourced, and what was the role of social media in crowdsourcing carried
out by companies.

Jussila, J., Kärkkäinen, H., Multasuo, J. (2013), ”Social media roles in crowdsourcing innovation tasks in B2B-relationships”, In Proceedings of the XXIV ISPIM Conference held in Helsinki, Finland – 16-19 June 2013.