Social Customer Learning Model

Social Customer Learning (SCL) Model can be used to evaluate the major characteristics of existing social media approaches in the customer interface of innovation. The model can serve as the basis for building a roadmap of social media adoption: all four dimensions are potential directions for extending current approaches and for planning the adoption of […]

New publication: SmartWoW – constructing a tool for knowledge work performance analysis

New Ways of Working (NewWoW) refers to a novel approach for improving the performance of knowledge work. The purpose of this paper is to seek innovative solutions concerning facilities, information technology tools and work practices in order to be able to “work smarter, not harder.” In order to develop work practices toward the NewWoW mode […]

Supporting innovation in industrial companies through social technologies

NODE INDEMP seminar on “Supporting innovation in industrial companies through  social technologies” held March 5, 2015, 9.00 – 12.30. Background and objective NODE and UiA are currently working on an international research project called Intelligent Digital Engineering and Manufacturing Platform (INDEMP), funded by Innovation Norway through the BSR Innovation Express program. The project focuses on […]

New publication: A strategy framework for performance measurement in the public sector

This paper looks at a little-studied question: what are the strategic choices behind the selection and implementation of performance measurement practices in public sector entities? The paper presents a new strategy framework which provides a structured approach to the many options available for measuring performance effectively. The framework is primarily intended for large public sector […]

New publication: Measuring Performance of a Service System – from organizations to customer-perceived performance

This paper investigates the implications of the networked and open nature of the service business on performance measurement. The literature has acknowledged that the value of service is increasingly produced by service systems but solutions for measuring the performance of a service system are still lacking. The paper constructs a conceptual framework for capturing performance […]

New publication: Applying performance measurement in service operations: analysis of contextual differences

This paper analyses the contextual differences of service operations with the aim to widen understanding about performance measurement in services. Recent research considers service management from many viewpoints like marketing and operations management, and also the importance of performance management in service context has been recognised. The literature illustrates the variety of service environments and […]

New publication: What is the Role of Knowledge Management in Establishing the Effectiveness of Public Welfare Services?

Because of the increasing cooperation of actors in public service systems, the evaluation of service outcomes involves a complex set of information sources and processes. Organization-specific evaluation practices yield only a partial picture of the effectiveness of services. To address this issue, the paper studies the information processes in the context of Finnish social services […]

Dr. Jääskeläinen and Dr. Laihonen received Outstanding paper award

Dr. Aki Jääskeläinen and Dr. Harri Laihonen received the 2014 Outstanding Paper Award by Emerald (International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management) on their paper titled ”Overcoming the specific performance measurement challenges of knowledge-intensive organizations”. This paper identifies practical ways to overcome the specific performance measurement challenges of knowledge-intensive organizations. By reviewing performance measurement, service […]

New publication: A managerial view of the knowledge flows of a health-care system

A health system has various knowledge structures enabling its knowledge resources to be efficiently applied. The literature has covered the management of clinical health information fairly extensively, but less is known about managerial knowledge flows. To address this knowledge gap, a regional health system in Finland is studied and managerial knowledge flows categorized in order […]

New publication: ‘New Ways of Working’ as a tool for improving the performance of a knowledge-intensive company

This paper explores ‘New Ways of Working’ (NewWoW) – that is, non-traditional mobile and flexible work practices, settings and locations using sufficient ICT tools – as a novel approach to improve the performance of a knowledge-intensive organization. This paper makes a contribution by illustrating how the measurement of the impacts of NewWoW can be done […]