Virtual Education in Rubber Technology


VERT - Virtual Education in Rubber Technology

A professional training program for the rubber industry called Virtual Education in Rubber Technology (VERT) has been developed by different European universities and companies. This work is supported by the EU within the Leonardo da Vinci program.

The aim of the training program is to improve the competitiveness of the European rubber activities. The VERT training program is a unique in the sense that it presents an educational program covering the full knowledge on components, design and production of rubber products up to the assessment of the performance of the rubber end-products (e.g. tyres) as part of a complete systems (e.g. vehicles) for the first time. It is a flexible program in the sense that an individual choice of the relevant parts of the training material can be made.

VERT modules may be used by different target groups, such as students, technicians, researchers, product developers and machine operators. Participants can complete the study with a Professional Development (PD) examination and a PD degree. University students can include the course into their bachelor/master curriculum.

The program contains following modules


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