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Open University Application Form

I Personal information

*Last name [i]
*First name [i]
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*Date of Birth [i]
*Personal identity number [i]
 Student number [i]
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II Previous or uncompleted education

Senior secondary school diploma 
Vocational degree 
Degree from a university/university of applied sciences 
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 Degree of MSc (Tech) track applicant [i]

III Studies

Track studies

*Name of the track
No track 
Extended track to studies in engineering 

Individual courses

  • Short Track or English Track applicant: choose 'Show courses from chosen track' and choose all the courses after that.
  • Extended track applicant: search for individual courses you have chosen for your track, from the 'course search'.
  • Master's Track: You don't have to choose any individual courses.
  • If you want to study only individual courses: search for individual courses according to the course code, course name or by selecting the department in charge of organizing the course.

If you want to complete courses that are arranged in the daytime, please make sure with the teacher that there are places available before paying the course fees.

Please notice, that the fees of all the courses that are listed in the application must be paid as a lump sum. This is why applicants are recommended to submit a separate application for each period.

*Course search
Course code:
Course name or part of it:
Course catalog:
Show courses from chosen track:
(Only for Short Track or English Track applicants)

IV Additional information related to the application

 Possible additional info related to studies 
 Please send me the admission decision 
By email 
By mail 
 How did you find out about the courses available at the Open University? 
Other, please specify
* Enclosures are required for MSc track applicants

Feedback and technical problems: avoin@tut.fi

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