ReClaim – Urban Gamification for City Reappropriations

Research is useless if we do not disseminate it. That’s why ReClaim is committed to sharing its results with fellow researchers, with students and with society at large at every possible occasion!

Presentations, lectures, workshops, events


2019 (September 9-13th) “Thinking with objects. A semiotic approach to critical and speculative design” XIV World Congress of Semiotics, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2019 (September 9-13th) “Enunciating city spaces: performativity and urban semiotics” XIV World Congress of Semiotics, Buenos Aires, Argentina.




2019 (May 7-10th) “Urban Boardgames: from representation to urban planning” Board Games Studies Colloquium, Bologna, Italy.


2019 (April 15-16th) “Critical Urban Play” with Lobna Hassan, at Urban Play, the 15th Game Research Lab Spring Seminar, Tampere University, Finland.


2019 (April 8-10th) “Punk Gamification”, at GamiFIN 2019, Levi, Finland.


2019 (March 21st) “Unweaving the urban fabric, perspectives on semiotics of the city” Invited lecture at Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic.


2019 (February 08th) “Around gamification: play, playfulness and the ludicisation of culture” Invited lecture given at Jonna Koivisto and Juho Hamari’s course Gamification: A Walkthrough of How Games Are Shaping Our Lives (TIE-40306), Tampere University, Finland.


2019 (February 1st) Organizer (with Dale Leorke) of a workshop dedicated to urban play for the Journalism Course project by Elina Paasonen in collaboration with public broadcaster Yli and the Aamuletti newspaper


2019 (January 31st) “Urban gamification: the playful reinterpretation of city spaces” Invited lecture given at the seminar Experiential approaches in documenting and mapping the urban, Helsinki University, Finland.


2019 (January 30th) “Game apologists and the dark side of play” Lecture given at the seminar Complication play, Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies, Jyväskylä, Finland.


2019 (January 10th) (2019) “Towards a Typology of Urban Gamification” 52nd HICSS Conference, Wailea, Hawaii.


2018 (November 12th) “A semiotic approach to urban gamification” Lecture given in the weekly seminars of Prof. Eero Tarasti, Helsinki University, Finland.


2018 (October 24th) “Re-interpreting cities with play. Urban semiotics and gamification”, Playable Cities Workshop, ArtsIT Conference, Braga, Portugal.


2018 (September 26th) “Taming play. Experiments and ideologies of gamification form US, EU and China”, International Symposium “Contemporary Arts in China – A Comparative Semiotic Overview”, at Shanghai University, China.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie
grant agreement No 793835.