“Speckle reduction method for image-based coherent stereogram generation” accepted for publication

The article “Speckle reduction method for image-based coherent stereogram generation”, authored by Jani Mäkinen, Erdem Sahin and Atanas Gotchev was accepted for publication in Optics Express.


We propose a speckle noise reduction method for generation of coherent holographic stereograms. The method employs densely sampled light field (DSLF) of the scene together with depth information acquired for each ray in the captured DSLF. Speckle reduction is achieved based on the ray separation technique where the scene is first described as a superposition of sparse sets of point sources corresponding to separated sets of rays and then the holographic reconstructions corresponding to these sparse sets of point sources are added incoherently (intensity-wise) to obtain the final reconstruction. The proposed method handles the light propagation between the sparse scene points and hologram elements accurately by utilizing ray resampling based on the notion of DSLF. As a result, as demonstrated via numerical simulations, significant speckle suppression is achieved at no cost of sampling related reconstruction artifacts.

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