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OPN-9006 Master's Thesis , 30 cr

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The scope of a master's thesis, including the proficiency test, shall be 30 credits. The Faculty Council shall confirm the topic and language of the master’s thesis and appoint at least one examiner for the thesis. The examiner must be employed by the University and hold a professorship or a doctorate in the field of the student's major subject. In exceptional circumstances the Faculty Council may appoint a teacher or a researcher to examine the thesis. Students may apply for a topic for the master's thesis from the Faculty Council after they have completed the degree of Bachelor of Science in Technology. The examiner shall submit a written statement to the Faculty Council. He or she shall also propose a grade for the thesis. A master's thesis shall be prepared individually. For special reasons it may be prepared in a group, in which case the independent contribution of each author must be clearly stated. The Faculty Council shall provide further instructions concerning the preparation and evaluation of master's theses. The course is only intended for degree students The course is only intended for degree students

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OPN-9006 Master's Thesis , 30 cr OPN-9000 Master's Thesis, 30 cr  

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