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Course Catalog 2014-2015

SGN-35006 Media Services, 5 cr

Additional information

Suitable for postgraduate studies

Person responsible

Ireneusz Defee, Juha Pajula


Study type P1 P2 P3 P4 Summer Implementations Lecture times and places


 2 h/week
 2 h/week
+2 h/week
+2 h/week

SGN-35006 2014-01 Tuesday 10 - 12 , SJ212B


Accepted exercises, Project Work and Exam passed

Learning Outcomes

Students knows general business and technical architecture of services providing delivery of digital media content to users. Students knows components necessary for commercial service and technologies involved in them. Student knows operation of services for delivery of streaming media. Students knows examples of successful services and learns to think about new service design. Knowledge of architecture of multimedia systems and technologies for multimedia content delivery systems: various types of physical networks and multimedia communication protocols. Knowledge of media services types and architecture Knowledge of practical networked multimedia systems and services: based on the internet, mobile networks, digital television


Content Core content Complementary knowledge Specialist knowledge
1. Technical and economical aspects of digital media business  Service businesses, value added chains in economy  Telecommunication services business and technology foundations 
2. Technology components for services  Networking, media compression, client-server systems  Data protection and security 
3. Architecture and analysis of telecommunication systems and services  Network protocols and interfaces  System models and description schemes 
4. Media services  Media industry and distribution chains  Enterprise finances 

Instructions for students on how to achieve the learning outcomes

Exercises, exam

Assessment scale:

Numerical evaluation scale (1-5) will be used on the course

Study material

Type Name Author ISBN URL Edition, availability, ... Examination material Language
Lecture slides     Irek Defee         Yes    English  


Course Mandatory/Advisable Description
SGN-11000 Signaalinkäsittelyn perusteet Advisable   1
SGN-11006 Basic Course in Signal Processing Advisable   1
SGN-12000 Kuvan- ja videonkäsittelyn perusteet Advisable   2
SGN-12006 Basic Course in Image and Video Processing Advisable   2
TIE-02100 Johdatus ohjelmointiin Mandatory   3

1 . Alternatively or equivalent knowledge.

2 . Alternatively or equivalent knowledge.

3 . Or equivalent knowledge.

Additional information about prerequisites
Exercises of the course are arranged with Raspberry Pi platform.

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Correspondence of content

Course Corresponds course  Description 
SGN-35006 Media Services, 5 cr SGN-5116 Multimedia Systems and Services, 4 cr  

More precise information per implementation

Implementation Description Methods of instruction Implementation
SGN-35006 2014-01 In the course there are lectures and exercises        

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