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Course Catalog 2013-2014

TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development, 5 cr

Additional information

Suitable for postgraduate studies

Person responsible

Jarmo Palviainen


Study type P1 P2 P3 P4 Summer Implementations Lecture times and places


 4 h/week
 2 h/week
+2 h/week
+2 h/week

TIE-41206 2013-01 Tuesday 8 - 10, TB223
Tuesday 8 - 10, TB111
Tuesday 8 - 10, TB109
Friday 10 - 12, TB111


Exam and practice assignments and participating at least one lecture and returning notes on that lecture to the teacher are included in the requirements.
Completion parts must belong to the same implementation

Learning Outcomes

The student understands how user needs and requirements need to be taken into account when developing interactive products in general and in software projects in particular. After completing the course the student kwnos how to: - describe the whole lifecycle of product development, the parts of the lifecycle and their meaning in interactive product development - recocnize different human centered methods suitable for different situations - explain the differences between product development and scientific work - evaluate analytically the functioning of a cross functional team - apply human centered design principles in product development projects - plan the usability/user experience work in a development project together with the team members and other stakeholders - exploit academic and commercial sources of HCI information

Study material

Type Name Author ISBN URL Edition, availability, ... Examination material Language
Lecture slides             Yes    English  
Other online content           The articles related to lectures and linked in the course web page.   Yes    English  


Course Mandatory/Advisable Description
TIE-04100 Käyttäjäkokemuksen perusteet Mandatory    
YHTTAY-40030 Research Methods in HTI Advisable    

Additional information about prerequisites
A Master's level or postgraduate student who has taken a Bachelor's degree elsewhere should have understanding of basic concepts and methods of usability and human centered design. (S)he can definine usability goals and conduct a simple task analysis and a user study. (S)he can conduct a small scale usability test in a laboratory and in the field. (S)he can apply expert evaluation methods in practice.

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Correspondence of content

Course Corresponds course  Description 
TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development, 5 cr IHTE-3106 User-Centered Product Development, 5 cr  
TIE-41206 Human-Centered Product Development, 5 cr IHTE-3100 User-Centered Product Development, 5 cr  

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Implementation Description Methods of instruction Implementation
TIE-41206 2013-01        

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