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Opinto-opas 2011-2012

Factory Automation, 30 op

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Lastra Jose Martinez


- Upon completion of this module the students will adquire analytical reasoning and problem solving skills in order to design and control of large robotic and automation systems and to integrate them into the Communication and Information infrastructures of the enterprises. The advanced courses of the programme will allow the student to adquire the level of knowledge deling to the evaluation of possible solutions and selection of the most feasible one according to different optimation parameters. The complementary knowledge will allow the students to deeply understand the fundamentals of complementary technologies in the field.


Pakolliset opintojaksot

Opintojakso Opintopisteet
TTE-5306 Control in Robotics and Automation: Advanced Course 5 op
TTE-5317 Factory Information Systems 5 op
TTE-5326 Factory Communication Systems 6 op
TTE-5406 Formal Methods in Factory Automation 5 op
TTE-5707 Special Assignment in Factory Automation 7 op
Yhteensä 28 op

Täydentävät opintojaksot

Listasta täydennetään opintokokonaisuuden laajuuteen (30)

Opintojakso Opintopisteet
ACI-51306 Microrobotics and microactuators 5 op
MIT-4037 Microsensors 6 op
TTE-5056 Assembly Technologies and Systems 6 op
TTE-5416 Automation Technologies for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 2 op
TTE-5506 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Machines 5 op
TTE-5516 Machine Vision and Optical Measurements 6 op


The study block provides a package of multidisciplinary courses with a strong focus on system thinking and the application of Information and Communication Technologies tot he domain of Factory Automation. Factory Automation advanced students will learn how to identify, model, program, control, validate, verificate, orchestrate, choreograph and architect manufacturing systems. In particular, the discipline of Factory Automation makes it possible to build the next generation of Intelligent Industrial Systems, with special focus on the important role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Students who major in Factory Automation can expect to work for different stakeholders of the added-value chain of industrial automation, including not only manufacturers but also automation suppliers, machine builders and system integrators.

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