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Opinto-opas 2011-2012

Entertainment and Media Management, 25 cr

Type of the study block

Minor Subjects


Artur Lugmayr

Learning outcomes

- After the completion of this module the student will be able to define and discuss the functions, levels, skills and influences of Management in Media, as well as be able to identify, define and understand the different business models of different Media domains. Students should gain understanding especially in creative team processes and the innovation aspects, creative team processes, and create novel types of services in various media segments. The student will understand and be able to apply business concepts in latest media environments such as the web, games, ambient media, social media, TV, motion picture industry, and digital distribution. The student will understand the main technologies, creative team aspects, processes, and workflows of digital productions in specific media domains, as well as understand and be able to apply the learned knowledge in media industry, especially present in small and mid-sized media companies. Students are able to manage media project, understand their characteristics, and learn how to think creative.


Compulsory courses

Course Credit points
TITA-7106 Introduction to Entertainment and Media Management 4 cr
TITA-7206 Business Concepts in Entertainment and Media Production 5 cr
TITA-7306 Media Production Systems and Processes 5 cr
Total 14 cr

Alternative studies

One course of the following (4cr) [courses currently not in a major]. In case courses have been inlcuded in other study blocks, TITA-7806 Frontiers of Entertainment and Media Management Seminar is accepted as an optional course.

Must be selected at least 4 points of courses

Course Credit points
TITA-1106 Basics of Information and Knowledge Management 4 cr
TITA-5107 Management information systems 4 cr
TITA-5806 Software Business 4 cr

Supplemental courses

Curses of up to 7cr [courses currently not in a major]

Please select courses from the list to complete the study block`s requirement (25)

Course Credit points
AML-2106 Still Media 3 cr
IHTE-7100 Johdatus ihmisen käyttäytymiseen 5 cr
IHTE-7106 Introduction to Human Behaviour 5 cr
MATHM-57250 Dokumenttilähtöiset tekniikat ja sovellukset 3 cr
MATHM-57300 Semanttiset tekniikat ja sovellukset 3 cr
MATHM-57350 Hypermedian tuotantoprojektin hallinnan erityispiirteet 4 cr
SGN-5226 Content Sharing Technologies and Services 4 cr
SGN-5806 Wireless Ambient Multimedia 5 cr
TITA-5306 Information Security Management 4 cr
TITA-7806 Frontiers of Entertainment and Media Management Seminar 3-8 cr
TLT-2336 Computer Networking II 5 cr

Additional information

The minor aims at cross-disciplinary oriented students interested in shaping the future of the media landscape from a business and management perspective. Besides traditional media environments, such as TV, print, film, radio, advertising, and music, the minor is aimed at the frontiers of the today¿s media field and copes with the challenges emerging from Internet and mobile services becoming a mainstream channel for new media service products. These especially include business and management aspects of newly emerging media genres, such as social media, ambient/ubiquitous media, augmented media, digital cinema, digital games, online video and music, fully digital business eco-systems, eLearning, eBusiness, information products, media services in the age of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, and other innovative digital media services. The minor is well suited for students aiming at management and leadership positions in entertainment, media and creative industries developing media products for TV, radio, digital games, Web 2.0/Web 3.0, advertising, eLearning, or eBusiness. The theme of the minor in 2009/2010 is ¿Design Thinking Media Service in the Age of Web 3.0¿ and emphasizes the creative development of new business opportunities for emerging media services within a multidisciplinary student team. Target Students: students with a BSc. degree, with interest in entertainment and media management

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